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    Survivors2 is a group of experts-by-experience living in Greece, who come together to speak out for the rights and recognition of survivors of torture and cruel/inhumane treatment..

    All Survivors2 members are either current or former beneficiaries of MSF’s rehabilitation clinic for victims of torture based in Athens.

    “We call ourselves Survivors2 because we have all survived torture and other violence to get to Greece and instead of finding safety and support here, we’re being forced to struggle to survive all over again,” Patrick

    Survivors2 speak out for all those survivors who were in Greece in the past and have now moved on.
    Survivors2 speak out for all those survivors who are trying to rebuild their lives in Greece now.
    Survivors2 speak out for all those survivors who might seek sanctuary in Greece in the future.

    We speak out to raise awareness of the realities facing survivors in Greece.
    We speak out for dignified and humane living conditions for all survivors in Greece.
    We speak out for an asylum system in Greece that respects and protects the particular needs of people who have experienced  torture.

    If you would like to interview a member of Survivors2 or invite us to speak about the issues facing survivors of torture and cruel/inhumane treatment living in Greece, please contact: MSFOCB-Athens-Com@brussels.msf.org

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     Why the asylum procedure in Greece needs to do more to recognize the specific needs of survivors of torture.
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     My name is Omar* and I am a survivor of torture and cruel, inhumane treatment. This was done to me back in my own country, by my own countrymen.
  • ESTIA Eviction Statement | view |
     Today, the Greek Government will begin to evict people with refugee status or subsidiary protection who currently live in houses, apartments and camps under the UNHCR’s ESTIA accommodation scheme. Eventually, their access to cash assistance will also end.

Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF)’s Victims of Torture (VoT) rehabilitation clinic in Athens offers medical care and psychosocial support for migrants and refugees who have suffered torture or other forms of ill-treatment in their country of origin, during the journey to or during their stay in Greece. In cases of torture specifically, MSF works in close collaboration with the Prometheus project implemented by the Greek Council of Refugees and BABEL Day Centre. Within this framework, survivors of torture and other forms of ill-treatment are offered legal aid, medical support, psychological, social and psychiatric assistance.