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Essential criteria

Below you can see the required criteria in order to work in the field with MSF. Please note that these criteria can adjust, without previous notification, according to MSF’s operation needs.



The duration of the first mission usually fluctuates from 6 to 9 months.

Candidate’s availability for this specific duration is a basic prerequisite, due to level of responsibility, the time required to candidates to familiarize themselves with the rest of the team and living and working conditions in the field.

In case of emergencies or specific profiles, like surgeons, anaesthesiologist.), the mission duration can be shorter than 6 months.

In emergencies projects when we need to respond immediate in a natural disaster or in human made crisis, we search for professionals who are available in short notice.


Living and working conditions

Members of our teams live and work together, and for this reason they are called sometimes to adjust in poor living conditions, where privacy is kind of limited. In these conditions everybody is doing their best to coexist and cooperate smoothly.


Experience in developing countries

Previous work experience in relevant projects in Africa, Asia, Central and South America is considered added value but not necessary criteria to join MSF.



The context, daily professional routine and priorities in the project can change at any time. All international staff need to be able to maintain effectiveness in achieving objectives by adapting to changing circumstances, contexts, tasks, people and responsibilities.

Flexibility is an essential element in the success of MSF projects.


Languages skills

The advanced knowledge of foreign languages is a basic requirement. Knowledge of English and French, but also Arabic, Spanish, or Portuguese, is providing to candidate the ability to take part in several contexts in different countries around the world with MSF.